How To Support A Family Member With A Concussion

How To Support A Family Member With A Concussion

When a loved one experiences a concussion, sometimes the recovery process can be difficult. A supportive family can make recovery easier, so here are some tips to help.

Be Patient

Your loved one may experience a number of concussion-related symptoms you can’t see such as mood changes and mental fogginess. These symptoms may come and go throughout the day. The person can appear fine one moment and irritable or easily distracted the next. Just keep this in mind and try to be as patient and understanding as possible.

Follow The Doctor’s Planfamily member article

Based on your loved one’s symptoms, the doctor will prescribe the best concussion treatment plan in order to facilitate healing. For instance, if your doctor recommends against napping, don’t let your loved one sleep all day because they seem tired. If you don’t understand part of the treatment plan, be sure to ask the doctor for clarification.

Be An Advocate

This is particularly important for parents of students. Sometimes schools don’t always follow the concussion academic accommodations closely. These accommodations are specific to your child in order to help him or her tolerate the school environment while symptomatic. If the school isn’t following the recommended plan, set up a meeting with the school administrator.

Stay Positive

While there may be difficult moments as your loved one goes through the process of recovery, it’s important to keep focusing on the positive as they go through recovery. An affirmative outlook can make a world of difference.