Sports Concussions In the News

Sports Concussions In the News

Unscrambling the Signals — Boston Red Sox catcher grateful for UPMC concussion experts

Micky Collins, PhD, and his team make four promises to each patient they treat. When it comes to the second promise – rehabilitation and treatment- and David Ross, Dr. Collins developed an individualized plan to treat Ross and get him back to the game in time to make the last out of the 2013 World Series.

NFL’s Concussion Carousel in Full Motion Week 1

The start of the NFL season means an increased potential risk of concussions. According to Micky Collins, PhD, executive and clinical director at the UPMC Sports Medicine Concussion Program, concussions are a manageable condition and his team can get athletes back to play.

SMU’s Mustangs Put on Kevlar-Armored Helmets

Micky Collins, PhD, comments on the new helmets outfitted with ballistics-grade Kevlar that the SMU Mustang’s are wearing this season. These helmets are meant to reduce concussions.

UPMC, others tackling the diagnosis of concussions with help from the NFL and General Electric

The NFL and General Electric awarded grants to 16 international organizations working to advance their research on the diagnosis and treatment of concussions. UPMC was one of three organizations selected to present their work during the “Head Health Challenge” announcement.