Sports Concussions in the News

The worst thing you can do is not recover before you suffer another [concussion]. We've made tremendous progress in how we assess this injury and treat it.

Dr. Micky Collins

Sports Concussions in the News

Daniel Sedin’s slump and the concussion question

Anthony Kontos, PhD, explains the uniqueness of each concussion, the lack of research supporting long-term effects, and what this may or may not mean for NHL player Daniel Sedin.

The Year of Living Less Dangerously

Micky Collins, PhD, discusses research his team conducted on head injuries sustained by MLB umpires. Dr. Collins advocates for more research being conducted on the materials makeup of MLB catching masks.

A’s Catcher John Jaso Swaps Titanium Mask For Steel After Concussion

After being cleared from his concussion by Micky Collins, PhD, John Jaso has elected to wear a Nike titanium catching mask. Dr. Collins weighs in on the Nike mask, which is designed to lessen the force of a blow to the head.