Retweet to ReThink

Retweet to ReThink

RTtoReThink logoConcussion is a serious injury and our success in treating and educating people is based on working with individuals like you.

We are launching an awareness initiative called Retweet to ReThink using the hashtag #RTtoReThink. This campaign will help us educate other patients and families about concussion by sharing interesting facts on social media.rt to rethink

People should think of concussion as a treatable injury in the right hands, not some untreatable condition that causes you to retreat to a dark room. With your help, we can spread our message and change the conversation about concussion.

Please post as often as you’d like using #RTtoReThink and encourage your friends to share!


Step 1:

Download and print one of the below signs and use a marker to sign your name in the space provided. Have someone take your picture holding the sign.

Step 2:

Choose a caption or create one of your own:

  • I’m helping UPMC educate people about concussions. For more information visit Please share.
  • Learn facts about concussions. Visit and please share.
  • Concussions are treatable. Help me educate others. Visit and please share.

Step 3:

Be sure to use the hashtag #RTtoReThink on every post and also tag UPMC.

Step 4:

Post as often as you like. The more you post, the more educating we can do. Here are some additional concussion facts you can use:

  • All concussions are treatable when managed properly.
  • No two concussions are alike.
  • Helmets have not been proven to reduce the incidence of concussion.
  • 90% of concussions don’t involve loss of consciousness.
  • Concussion recovery time is different for everyone.


Click the image above to download Sign #1


Click the image above to download Sign #2


Click the image above to download Sign #3


Click the image above to download Sign #4


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