Our Approach

At UPMC, we don't just follow the best practice protocols for concussion diagnosis and treatment – we create them.

Our Approach

Though the national conversation surrounding concussions has often driven fear, misinformation and uncertainty, we at UPMC are confident of many things: no two concussions are the same, concussion is a treatable injury, treatment should be highly specialized, and a personal approach to care is the only approach.

Our team of world-class clinicians in our Sports Medicine Concussion Program – the first and largest clinical and research program focused on the diagnosis, evaluation and management of sports concussions – sees more than 17,000 patient visits each year. Every person who walks through our doors receives personalized, nuanced, and comprehensive care to help them recover from their injury. We know that concussion is a complicated condition, but by identifying its specific type, we can develop an individually tailored treatment and rehabilitation plan that can help patients see results, and recover fully.

Led by Micky Collins, PhD, our team of neuropsychologists, primary care sports medicine and physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians, physical therapists, neuro-optometrists, and orthopaedic and neurosurgeons, understand that concussion isn’t an injury you can detect on a CT scan, MRI, or with a standard neurologic examination. They know it’s important to conduct a thorough clinical interview, use multiple exercises that isolate which systems are affected, and utilize neurocognitive testing like ImPACT to put together a multidimensional, coherent approach to treatment. Our team was part of the group that pioneered ImPACT®, which is now used extensively in professional and amateur sports, both domestically and abroad.

At UPMC, we don’t just follow the best practice protocols for concussion diagnosis and treatment – we create them.