UPMC Receives Grant from The Chuck Noll Foundation For Brain Injury Research

UPMC Receives Grant from The Chuck Noll Foundation For Brain Injury Research

Concussion Research News graphicUPMC was one of five grant recipients to receive funding from The Chuck Noll Foundation For Brain Injury Research. The Foundation’s Board of Directors approved grants totaling over $600,000 with a first-year distribution of $278,000.

Researchers from the UPMC Sports Medicine Concussion Program, Dr. Micky Collins and Dr. Anthony Kontos, will be the principal investigators of the UPMC research study.

Randomized Controlled Trial of a Precision Vestibular Treatment in Adolescents

Principal Investigator(s): Dr. Michael Collins and Dr. Anthony Kontos
Institution(s): UPMC

Each year, nearly 2 million children and adolescents have a sport-related concussion in the U.S. but 57% of them do not receive appropriate clinical care following their injury. These injuries involve a very wide range of symptoms. The investigators have developed a treatment model that classifies the injury based specific symptoms and then tailors the treatment to the specific symptoms of the adolescent. Patients whose SRC involves dizziness, environmental sensitivity, and imbalance- are common (60-65% of concussions), and have worse outcomes and a longer recovery. The investigators have developed and tested a specific treatment (precision vestibular treatment) matched to these specific symptoms.

However, there has not been a well-designed randomized controlled trial (RCT) of the effectiveness of that treatment for adolescents with these symptoms. The aim of this study is to determine using a RCT design the effectiveness of this treatment compared to standard of care (i.e., behavioral management interventions) for reducing recovery time, symptoms, and cognitive impairment in adolescent patients with specific symptoms.