Matthew, 15 years old, North Palm Beach, FL

Matthew, 15 years old, North Palm Beach, FL

During a lacrosse tournament, Matthew was cross checked from behind after scoring a goal. He fell forward and hit his head, sustaining a concussion. Immediately he started to feel dizzy and removed himself from the game.matthew

After a trip to the emergency room, and multiple follow-up visits with specialists, Matthew’s symptoms of dizziness, persistent headaches, and sensitivity to light weren’t improving, and he had missed five weeks of school. A fellow lacrosse player recommended that Matthew see Micky Collins, PhD, and his team at the UPMC Sports Medicine Concussion Program.

The team at UPMC diagnosed Matthew’s convergence and ocular problems and put him on a specialized rehabilitation plan. This plan which could primarily be done at home included workouts and eye therapy.

While initially challenging, Matthew followed the plan developed by Dr. Collins and his team, and within a few weeks started seeing improvements. After completing his rehabilitation plan Matthew is symptom free, back in school, and excited to return to lacrosse practice.


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