Mason, 10 Years Old, Pittsburgh, PA

Mason, 10 Years Old, Pittsburgh, PA

Mason, a young, multi-sport athlete, sustained a concussion during a hockey game in January 2015. In the third period with five minutes left on the clock, Mason was boarded. Although shaken, he kept playing.

Mason’s mother, Renee, recalls, “I never call to the bench to ask if he’s ok after a fall, but this time I did.”mason

Mason felt tired and had a headache after the game. The next day, the school nurse realized something was wrong. Renee immediately called to schedule an appointment with the UPMC Sports Medicine Concussion Program. The same week, Mason and Renee met with Micky Collins, PhD, and his team.

“After Mason took the ImPACT® test, we sat down with Dr. Collins to talk about ways to help Mason play sports for the rest of his life. We both felt so relieved to know what was going on and that he could get better,” Renee remembers.

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Mason began vestibular and exertion therapy right away and checked in with the whole concussion team regularly. Over a period of three weeks, Mason was able to rehabilitate to full activity. He was cleared in February 2015 to return to all sports.

“This has been a life changing experience for both Mason and me. We have learned so much and are so grateful for having access to such a wonderful medical team. Now I make sure that my son, my daughter, and players of the teams I manage, stay informed and up-to-date on concussion and baseline tests,” Renee says.


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