Lydia, 54 Years Old, Pittsburgh, PA

Lydia, 54 Years Old, Pittsburgh, PA

In December 2014, Lydia, a mother of two and University of Pittsburgh employee, fell and hit her head in her parents’ dark garage over the holidays. In the emergency department she received treatment for a large cut on her face, and she was encouraged to follow up with her doctor for signs of concussion.
After a few days, Lydia continued to feel woozy and experience headaches, and she was referred to the UPMC Sports Medicine Concussion Program.lydia

Lydia had a complex history with concussion because she did not received proper treatment for six previous cases. At her first appointment at UPMC, she took the ImPACT® test and completed vestibular testing. Afterwards, Lydia met with Micky Collins, PhD, for the first time and was reassured she would get better. She was encouraged to take two weeks off from work to spend time on her rehabilitation plan.

“He told me to give him two weeks of my life to get better, and I did,” Lydia recalls.

Lydia’s rehab plan included vestibular, vision, and exertion therapy and was encouraged to continue walking daily, maintain her good diet and drink more water, and make sure that she was getting sleep on a balanced schedule. After starting rehabilitation, she noticed improvements very quickly. In February 2015, Lydia was cleared to return to full activity, feeling better than she had in years.

“Dr. Collins gave me the permission I needed to start living. I was finally able to understand my injury and push myself beyond my comfort zone to get better. I am thankful to the UPMC Concussion Center for making me whole again,” Lydia shares.


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