Katie Shares Her Concussion Story

Katie Shares Her Concussion Story

Narrator: Spending summers on a farm, Katie has always enjoyed trail riding. She never expected to fall off her horse and suffer a concussion.

Katie: The day of my accident, I was really excited to go horseback riding because I hadn’t been in a few weeks. We were running up a field and my horse kind of decided he wanted to go back to the barn, and so he turned one way and I went the other way, and that was it.

Katie: I had problems with my vision. I was dizzy. I had trouble in very bright places. Loud noises bothered me. My vestibular system was really upset by everything. Like, if I were to walk into a grocery store, that was really, really hard for me.

Narrator: Katie was referred to Dr. Micky Collins at the UPMC Sports Medicine Concussion Program.

Katie: Dr Collins’ approach was very much, you know, “Challenge your vestibular system, challenge yourself, try to get back on track,” which, it’s difficult to do. I mean, it’s scary, and you don’t feel good all the time, and it’s really hard, but I had the support of all of my therapists and the doctor, and so it worked out.

Narrator: UPMC Sports Medicine Concussion specialists know that no two concussions are the same. Katie was given an individualized treatment plan to help her recover.

Katie: I was amazed at how many different exercises and things there are to do to help with your vestibular and ocular problems. Probably as soon as two weeks after being in the program, I could see major improvements. And I think the whole process for me, until I was released to be able to do whatever I wanted again kind of was, I want to say, about two months I was in the program. I really tried to stay focused on what he was telling me to do and doing all my exercises, and it was a pretty quick turnaround. I mean, it was shocking. I remember him coming in the last day I took my impact test and saying, “Did you think that you were going to get out of here this fast? Did you think that you were going to make a 100 percent recovery?” And I just remember being like, “I don’t even know. I just can’t believe that you’re telling me I can just be myself again. I mean, this is great!” He’s probably the reason why I’m here today and still able to ride.


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