Karen, 40 Years Old, Youngstown, OH

Every time I returned, there was a significant difference in my health.


Karen, 40 Years Old, Youngstown, OH

Karen hit her head on a shelf at work in March 2014.

Concussion Symptoms

She experienced:

  • Pain
  • Vision changes
  • Nausea
  • Anxiety
  • Noise and light sensitivity

Concussion Challenges

Karen first turned to a local urgent care facility where she was instructed to rest for a few days and then go to the emergency room if her symptoms persisted. When she followed up at the emergency room, Karen was told her symptoms could last a long as a year and she was encouraged to try physical therapy to manage the symptoms.

Even with therapy, Karen was not improving and her symptoms seemed to be intensifying. She stayed home from everything, including work and social occasions.

“People don’t always understand how many areas of your life a concussion can affect,” Karen recalls.

Concussion Assessment

A coworker recommended the UPMC Sports Medicine Concussion Program. She first traveled to Pittsburgh in November 2014. She underwent a full evaluation, including the ImPACT® Test. Micky Collins, PhD, and the concussion team developed a plan for her rehabilitation including physical and vestibular therapy.

Managing the Concussion

She was able to work on her therapy at home in Ohio and traveled to UPMC for checkups every four weeks.

“Every time I returned, there was a significant difference in my health. I was finally able to go out to eat again and be around people without the exhaustion,” Karen shares.

Concussion Recovery

In February 2015, Karen was cleared to return to work and all other activities finally feeling symptom-free.


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