Jordan | Bellaire, OH

Jordan | Bellaire, OH

Jordan, 18, plays both offense and defense for his high school football team in Bellaire, Ohio. In November 2016, during his final game of the season, he sustained a concussion, his second.

“I don’t remember getting hit badly, or anything happening that would’ve caused a concussion,” says Jordan. “I felt fine, until after the game.”

CONCUSSION SYMPTOMSjordan football picture

As he was headed to the locker room, Jordan started to have issues with his balance. His vision was also out of focus.

“I found my athletic trainer and told her what was happening. I knew that wasn’t normal,” Jordan recalls. “Turns out, I had another concussion.”

He knew exactly where to turn for help.


“When I had my first concussion, I had sought care locally in Ohio and unfortunately, saw no improvement,” Jordan shares.

Eventually, Jordan’s mom found the UPMC Sports Medicine Concussion Program in Pittsburgh, Pa., and that’s how Jordan got to meet Micky Collins, PhD, clinical and executive director of the program. Dr. Collins led him through a successful treatment and concussion recovery.

“This time, I knew I wanted to go see Dr. Collins immediately,” says Jordan. “He’s the right guy to go to.”

Dr. Collins prescribed vestibular therapy for Jordan, which was something he didn’t have to do to recover from his first concussion.  Vestibular therapy addresses concussion symptoms of dizziness and difficulty maintaining focus and balance.


“I liked the idea of using physical activity to help my brain recover,” says Jordan.

And recover it did.  Jordan, who reports feeling “100 percent,” was cleared to return to full sport activity in early December. He is excited to join his teammates on the basketball team for the remainder of the season.


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