Holly, Wife of Daren, Pittsburgh, PA

Everyone at the facility gave us the great input and support that we needed

Holly, Daren's wife

Holly, Wife of Daren, Pittsburgh, PA

After a serious car accident during a vintage car race in July 2014, Daren M. sustained injuries including four broken ribs and a concussion. Daren and his wife Holly were taken to the emergency room where he was evaluated and later released.

Concussion Symptoms

Holly described her husband as, “a strong type-A personality. There’s no stopping him when he has his mind made up.” Although Daren reported feeling normal, it soon became clear to Holly that something wasn’t right. “Daren’s symptoms were cognitive; he had headaches, he presented as if he was in a fog at times, and his response time was delayed,” she explained.

Concussion Assessment

At this same time, Holly and Daren’s nephew, a football player, was receiving treatment for a concussion from the UPMC Sports Medicine Concussion Program. Their relatives, aware of Daren’s symptoms, mentioned Daren’s case during one of their appointments and were told to encourage Holly and Daren to come in for an appointment. Less than a week after Daren’s accident, Holly went with him for evaluation by Micky Collins, PhD, and the concussion team.

Managing the Concussion

“Daren went on to do physical therapy and take medications to help with his symptoms. He was working full time so he got some restrictions for half days at work. He was instructed to relax, which is not easy for someone like him who is always on the go,” Holly recalled.

Daren dedicated himself to his rehabilitation plan. During this period, Holly played a supportive role in her husband’s treatment by verifying or correcting his health descriptions to his doctors. In fact, prior to Daren’s clearance in December 2014, Dr. Collins requested Holly attend Daren’s final appointment to gather information about Daren’s at-home health.

Concussion Recovery

At this last appointment, Daren was cleared to return to racing and has started preparing his car for future races.

Concussion Lessons

Both Daren and Holly learned a great deal about concussion through their experience. “Before the accident, both of us were completely naive to concussion and concussion symptoms, as well as the short- and long-term impacts. It was a really eye-opening experience for the both of us and a huge learning experience. Everyone at the facility gave us the great input and support that we needed to get through this time,” Holly shared.

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To learn more about our patients, read their stories.