HeadsUP Pittsburgh Partnership

HeadsUP Pittsburgh Partnership

HeadsUP Pittsburgh brings together UPMC Sports Medicine, the Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation, the Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC), the Community College of Beaver County (CCBC), and the Centers for Disease Control to provide neurocognitive baseline testing for youth athletes in western Pennsylvania.

ImPACT® Baseline Concussion Testing

The ImPACT test is a 25 minute computerized neurocognitive test used to analyze:

  • Verbal memory
  • Visual memory
  • Processing speed
  • Reaction time

This tool alone cannot diagnose a concussion, but is used as part of a comprehensive evaluation process.

When administered to an athlete in a non-concussed or “normal” state, the ImPACT test helps establish baseline data for cognitive abilities. In the case of a suspected injury, clinicians re-administer the ImPACT test and compare the data to help assess changes in a person’s neurocognitive state, caused by an injury.

HeadsUP Pittsburgh

Because of the clinical value of having baseline data, HeadsUP Pittsburgh aims to make the ImPACT test available to athletes throughout western Pennsylvania. In 2013, HeadsUP Pittsburgh provided baseline concussion testing to 2,600 young athletes in a 7.5 week span. A 15-minute information session accompanies the screening to provide more information about testing procedures and concussion management.

HeadsUP Pittsburgh also received a grant to purchase iPads to make the test portable and even more accessible for youth athletes and their families.

The program is funded by the Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation, Ladies Hospital Aid Society, CCAC, CCBC, and the Pennsylvania Department of Health.

Testing Locations

Testing takes place throughout the year at the following six locations:

  • The UPMC Center for Sports Medicine
  • CCAC- Boyce Campus in Monroeville
  • CCAC- North Campus in McCandless
  • CCAC- South Campus in West Mifflin
  • CCAC- West Hills Center in Oakdale

Athletes ages 10 and older can take the baseline test at any location while younger athletes can take the pediatric neurocognitive baseline test only at the UPMC Center for Sports Medicine. Both tests cost $25. Participants are encouraged to bring a consent form (PDF) and demographic and background form (PDF).

For more information or scheduling information, register online or contact Patrick Huber at 412-432-3635.