Hannah, 16 Years Old, Ebensburg, PA

Hannah, 16 Years Old, Ebensburg, PA

In September 2014, Hannah hit her head during a soccer tournament.

Immediate Concussion Symptomshannah

The team athletic trainer evaluated Hannah and recommended she sit out of the game because she was experiencing:

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Light and noise sensitivity

Concussion Diagnosis

The next day, Hannah visited her doctor diagnosed her with a concussion. After a two week period of rest, her symptoms persisted and she was experiencing trouble with focus and concentration in school. Hannah was referred to the UPMC Sports Medicine Concussion Program by a family friend and scheduled an appointment. Hannah and her family made the trip to Pittsburgh for evaluation in October 2014.

“As a parent with a child that has a concussion, the team at UPMC’s consideration was so greatly appreciated and helped ease my fears knowing that she was getting the best possible care,” Hannah’s mother, Jodi, recalls.

Managing the Concussion

Based on the results of her evaluation, the concussion team recommended physical and ocular therapy to help Hannah recover in hopes of returning to soccer and track in the spring.

Concussion Recovery

Hannah was cleared in December of 2014 in time to join her indoor soccer team for the winter season. She is excited to get back into the game feeling symptom-free and strong.


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