The Facts About Concussions and Young Children

The Facts About Concussions and Young Children

Young children are prone to head trauma for a variety of reasons – including instability on their feet and inability to explain what symptoms they are feeling. It is important to understand what to look for when dealing with signs of head trauma in young children.

Learn more about children and head trauma in the following infographic.

concussions children infographic

Concussions and Young Children

Incidence of head trauma might be as high as 1,850 per 100,000.

Falls are the #1 cause of head injuries in children under the age of 9.

Accidental head trauma is a relatively common injury in toddlers.

Young kids are likely to hurt their head because they are still unstable on their feet and often test their limits.

Signs of a Concussion in Children

In toddlers and young children who don’t have the verbal skills of an adult, information to diagnose a concussion can be difficult to obtain.

What parents should look out for:

  • Loss of consciousness
  • Appearing confused
  • Excessive crying
  • Unsteady balance
  • Fatigue
  • Notable changes in mood

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