Dylan, 17 Years Old, Pittsburgh, PA

Dylan, 17 Years Old, Pittsburgh, PA

Dylan, a second degree black belt and experienced martial artist, sustained a concussion after hitting his head on the dojo floor. He felt dizzy, nauseous, and sat out of class for a little while following the injury. Later that night, Dylan reported feeling mostly fine with thedylan exception of a bad headache. The headache persisted for days and Dylan’s family noticed that he was very quiet and unable to express how he was feeling.

Dylan’s mother, Barbara, called his pediatrician who referred them to the UPMC Sports Medicine Concussion Program. At his first appointment, Dylan was given an ImPACT® test and evaluated by Micky Collins, PhD, and the concussion team. The team worked to educate both Dylan and his mother about the injury and a rehabilitation plan. Barbara recalls, “After examining Dylan, I distinctly remember Dr. Collins turning to me and telling me not to worry because he was confident that they could help Dylan.”

The concussion team worked with Dylan to explain his vestibular therapy plan and for eight weeks, Dylan also worked with the physical therapists at UPMC Sports Medicine. Two months after the injury, Dylan was cleared for full activities and returned to the dojo feeling strong.

“Each time we left we were given a very clear and concise plan to follow to aid Dylan in his recovery. Our experience was amazing from the time spent with Dylan educating him on the importance of the steps he needed to take to heal, in addition to the reassurance that he would heal. ” -Barbara


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