Daren Tells His Concussion Story

Daren Tells His Concussion Story

Narrator: Daren has enjoyed restoring and racing vintage cars. During the summer of 2014, he had an accident and sustained a concussion.

Daren: The day of the accident…fortunately enough it was a single car accident, just myself. The car hit the ground, spun, I ended up hitting a pole, split the car in half. I hit hard enough to pull the seatbelt out of the chassis. I was knocked unconscious. The impression of the UPMC Sports Medicine facility was very professional. The first thing is they asked questions and just listened to what you were telling them. They wanted to understand what you’re going through, what happened, and they listened.

Narrator: The doctors helped Daren understand what it meant to have a concussion. They explained why he needed to follow an active treatment program to recover.

Daren: The doctors here at Pittsburgh are amazing. I’ll be the first to admit I didn’t know what a concussion really meant, I knew what a concussion is. They were able to explain to me and show me what my concussion was and help me understand what I needed to do to get over the concussion. I’m a workaholic, I’m always going 24/7, and I had to slow down. So I needed basically stop work for a couple of weeks, regroup, learn how to relax and keep my mind focused on being healthy, not just getting back and doing everything I wanted to do.

I’m the worst patient probably that you could ever have, because all I want to do is go from 0 to 100. I don’t want to focus on one thing, I want to try and do multiple things at the same time. So to get the approval to actually be cleared by Dr.¬†Collins, he wanted to hear from my wife. To talk to her, to make sure she felt that I was where I needed to be to go racing.

My entire life is based on getting into old vintage cars and racing; it’s what my hobby is. So I was very, very happy whenever he said I could get back into a car.


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