Courtney , 22 Years Old , Pittsburgh, PA

Courtney , 22 Years Old , Pittsburgh, PA

Courtney, a Pittsburgh native and a local school district employee, was involved in a car accident in April of 2014. Courtney’s car was t-boned by another vehicle and she lost consciousness for three minutes following the collision. She was brought to the emergency room at UPMC Mercy where she was diagnosed with a concussion and referred to the UPMC Sports Medicine Concussion Program.courtney

After testing and evaluation from Micky Collins, PhD, and the concussion team, Courtney began a vestibular and neck therapy program to target her symptoms. She experienced fogginess, anxiety, headaches, and difficulty sleeping and concentrating. Due to her pain and concussion symptoms, Courtney had to reduce her work hours to 20 a week. She attended therapy sessions at the UPMC Sports Medicine complex twice a week and continued to work on her exercises while at home. Courtney also was encouraged to be active and exercise in her free time.

“The therapy and activities were what helped me feel better,” Courtney recalls.

After seven months of dedication to her rehabilitation plan, she was fully cleared by Dr. Collins in October of 2014. Courtney returned to school, in a full-time schedule, feeling symptom-free and back to normal.


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