Cora, 14 Years Old, Bethel Park, PA

Cora, 14 Years Old, Bethel Park, PA

On her second day at Oakland Catholic High School in September 2014, Cora was hit in the head at volleyball practice during a serve and chase drill. Cora said, “it wasn’t a hard hit and I continued playing at first, but soon I had to sit out because I was seeing double and had a headache.” Her team’s athletic trainer recommended she visit the UPMC Sports Medicine Concussion Program for a consultation.cora

Cora’s concussion was assessed by Micky Collins, PhD, and the concussion team. She began progressing toward clearance with a rehabilitation regimen including physical and exertion therapy. After two weeks, she felt back to normal and was practicing with her volleyball team. Cora felt confident being back on the court until she was hit in the head much harder.

She experienced terrible headaches at an intensity of a nine or 10, convergence issues, and missed a week of school. Cora returned to see Dr. Collins, took the ImPACT® test, and was prescribed medication as well as vision and exertion therapy. With her medicine and therapy sessions, she began to improve but started feeling stressed and scared to return to volleyball.

Noticing a change in her ImPACT and exertional exit test scores, Dr. Collins and her exertion therapist, Cara Troutman-Enseki, DPT, OCS, talked to Cora about her stress and gave her an additional week to recover. She was able to relax and when she re-took these tests, she improved significantly. In December 2014, Cora was cleared to return to all activities feeling symptom-free. She is excited to return to the volleyball in fall 2015.


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