Infographic: Concussions and Volleyball

Infographic: Concussions and Volleyball

Despite being a non-contact sport, volleyball players are susceptible to concussions. What is the most common way concussions are sustained in volleyball? Are more concussions sustained during practice or games? Check out our infographic below for more information on volleyball and concussions.

A Quick Set: Concussions and Volleyball

Did you know…?

Volleyball has the overall lowest rate of concussion for all youth sports? Despite being a non-contact sport, concussions still occur.

True or false: Concussions occur more during volleyball games than practices.

Answer: False.

Serving Up Concussion Stats

  • 46.5% occur during practice
  • 38.4% occur during games
  • 15.1% occur during warm-ups

These are the most common ways to get a concussion in volleyball:

  • 57.1% – ball – to – head contact
  • 20.2% – play – to – player contact
  • 15.5% – head – to – floor contact

Contact with the net/pole can also be associated with concussions and closed head injuries.

Stay Safe on the Court:

  • Place protective pads on all net poles prior to beginning play
  • Avoid crossing the court while serving is taking place
  • Call your ball to avoid collisions
  • Remove all extra equipment from the court
  • Always serve and hit in the same direction
  • Don’t huddle during the other team’s warmup

The UPMC Sports Medicine Concussion Program can help concussion patients through active treatment approaches. Call 412-432-3681 for more information.