Colin | Flushing, OH

Colin | Flushing, OH

As soon as Colin’s head collided with the other wrestler on the mat, he knew something was wrong.

“I immediately started seeing double and had a really intense headache,” the 15-year-old explains. His coach pulled him from the mat instantly and called Colin’s dad to let him know what had happened. Colin saw one of the athletic trainers at the wrestling camp and was diagnosed with a concussion (his second).colin-kovacs-headshot

In 2013, Colin suffered greatly with his symptoms, being told to “wait them out,” until he was referred to Micky Collins, PhD, at the UPMC Sports Medicine Concussion Program. Colin traveled to Pittsburgh to meet with Dr. Collins in January 2014 and received at-home vestibular exercises to do. When he sustained this second concussion in 2016, he knew that there were things he could do to begin recovering in the time between receiving his injury and seeing Dr. Collins for an evaluation.

“I wanted to keep my brain stimulated. I exercised. I read books,” Colin shares. “Basically, I didn’t want to get so far ‘down the rabbit hole’ as I was with my first concussion.”

Colin’s mother, Lori, said that her son’s proactive approach to his most recent concussion has made a world of a difference in his recovery.

“Dr. Collins was really surprised when he evaluated Colin. The condition he was in, especially for only sustaining the concussion 10 days prior, was so much better than his first concussion,” she says.

Dr. Collins evaluated Colin and gave him some more exercises to work on. Colin took the time he needed to improve before getting back onto the mat. He has some words of advice for fellow young athletes out there; “don’t hide your symptoms from your coach, parents, or athletic trainers. Educate yourself and make sure you know the symptoms of a concussion. It can make a huge difference.”


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