Bennett, 13 Years Old, Arlington, VA, Concussion Story

Bennett, 13 Years Old, Arlington, VA, Concussion Story

Bennett has been playing indoor lacrosse for the past five years. During a game in September 2014, he was checked in the head causing him to vomit immediately and slur his words. After a visit to the emergency room where he was diagnosed with a concussion and a follow up visit to his pediatrician, Bennett was instructed to rest and stop all activities.bennett

Bennett experienced headaches, light and noise sensitivity, nausea, loss of appetite, disrupted sleep, and extreme fatigue. As a result, he missed four weeks of school. When Bennett wasn’t getting better, a friend of his mother Wendy’s suggested the family make the trip to Pittsburgh to the UPMC Sports Medicine Concussion Program. After taking the ImPACT® Test at the UPMC concussion clinic and an evaluation by the concussion team in October 2014, a rehabilitation plan was developed for Bennett to address his symptoms. The rehab plan included physical and vestibular therapy.

Bennett’s dad, Graham, recalls, “They were easy eye and balance exercises Bennett was able to do in gym class. As he worked, they became easier and he was able to get active again.”

In the classroom, Bennett received accommodations to keep him on track. He was given three 20-minute breaks throughout the course of the day, extra testing time, and more. As he continued to work on his therapy plan, watch lacrosse games, and get involved in school, he began to feel better. In November of 2014, Bennett was cleared by the UPMC team to return to play.

“It was shocking how much better Bennett felt so quickly after beginning his therapy. He is doing well both physically and emotionally.”


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