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Judy | Gloucester, MA

At 56, Judy, of Gloucester, Mass., still swims competitively. As she was doing the backstroke, she miscounted her strokes and hit her head on the pool’s wall. Unbeknownst to her, she sustained a concussion. CONCUSSION SYMPTOMS “At first, I had no symptoms whatsoever,” recalls Judy. “In fact, I continued my[…]

Infographic: Facts About Cheerleading and Concussion

  Be Captain of Your Health Squad: Facts About Cheerleading and Concussions Did you know…? The overall injury rate in cheerleading is low, but concussion is the most common injury. Percent of all cheerleading injuries that are concussion: 31.1% Unlike other sports, most cheerleading injuries (78.8%) occur during practice rather[…]

Sports Concussions in the News

Micky Collins, PhD, executive and clinical director at the UPMC Sports Medicine Concussion Program, follows an active treatment approach to concussion. He led a study that found that children who exercised within one week of sustaining a concussion reported 50 percent fewer symptoms one month later, compared to those who rested.